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Higurashi; Raw and Wrrrrigling! September 7, 2006

Posted by animerambler in Raw Interpretation, Series.
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After twenty-some episodes the try-outs are over, spring training is done, all the lolis are in top form and Studio Deen is taking this next arc to the majors!  No more single-A minor-league crap with Keiichi wiping out Hinamizawa by releasing a natural gas pocket.  No more semi-pro series with Mion and Rena failing to take out wonderboy ’cause he has a bat.  This one isn’t even Triple-A Shion-getting-called-up-to-the-majors after trapping, killing or breaking virtually the entire cast and most of the village heads.  No, no, Rena’s in top form here, and she    could    go    all    the    WAY!