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AFtM Presents: Friends Don’t Let Friends Watch Raws August 23, 2006

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In my insatiable quest for the next chapter in the killer loli mystery/train wreck series Higurashi No Naku Koro NiI have been unable to resist the forbidden lure of raw anime for the past few weeks.  It’s just so damn good that I don’t seem to care that it’s in demonic moon language that I don’t understand, or that the first raws online will undoubtedly be amateurish in the extreme.  To illustrait what can and willgo wrong with this behaviour, take my hand and journey with me to that damp and seedy corner of anime fandom that occurs before the fansubbers sanatize such things for us.



R.O.D. Episode 1 August 3, 2006

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I lied.  Something in my head just said: “Hey, blog for newbies, posting a series which, as it’s high point, involves father-daughter incest may not be the best idea.”  Honestly, that’s not the entire story of it.  The father-daughter thing wasn’t as bad as it (necessarily) sounds, and it was really more of a “Sunrise doesn’t have a f@^&ing clue where this is going, do they?” thing.  Yeah, comical incest, that’s the ticket.