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One Day in 2002 (FLCL) July 26, 2006

Posted by animerambler in Classics, FLCL.

An image emphasizing the need for non-guitar proliferation.

Everyone remembers their first.  For me it was a chick with a bass guitar, and a Vespa. Did I mention she claimed to be an alien?  Anywho, in the midst of taking a semester off from the alma mater, and staying up way too late on vacation at the beach, I chanced across FLCL (aka Fooly Cooly (US), aka Furi Kuri (Japan)) on AdultSwim.  It was a good time.  No school to worry about, at the beach, and Cartoon Network was still showing anime, not just Inuyasha Season X+1, or Dragon Ball Z.  Still, something about the show stuck, as my spirit had recently been crushed once again by Episode II earlier in the summer, and I had little hope for Signs as I had (jokingly) predicted the outcome of Shyamalan’s last film an hour in.  I still love you Manoj, and I will see Lady in the Water, soon. (more…)