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Licensed! December 22, 2006

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Kadokawa Pictures USA releases The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi with Bandai distributing (groan).  Also new on the site, a video I can’t make myself sit through.  For now though, all Iwant for Christmas is for Bandai solve it’s distro problems by the time we get disc one.

Nayuki Gets the News

And now for sleepy Nayuki, ’cause I just can’t get enough of her, and it seems to fit.

 My question though, why is Kadokawa having to release the R1 DVDs?  Were ADV, Funimation, Manga, et all really not interested, was the asking price too high, not enough fan interest (bah!), or have the big-time domesticators simply screwed up?  More ranting and maybe some information…next time!

A Haruhi Christmas? December 19, 2006

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Much has been made in more than a few circles regarding the licensing of The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, or lack thereof.  While we’ve gotten series such as Coyote Ragtime and Fate/Stay Night fast-tracked for US release, the many loyal members of the SOS-Brigade have felt left out in the cold.  A new, apparently official (ANN‘s judgement, and it looks good to these eyes as well) English-language site, with an announcement (of what?) date of the 22nd, may suggest that for many otaku Christmas may indeed be coming early this year.  If the site is to be believed and the world is indeed ending, I for one welcome our adorable, spunky loli masters.  Sadly, WHOIS, can only link the domain to a “Oneanddone” out of Chesterfield, Penn.  Details to follow?

 Also: moving sucks.  Sorry for the downtime.

Updates Abound! October 4, 2006

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Trinity BloodAnouncements 

I: Apparently there will be a second season of Kiddy Grade, this from Aya Hirano on a Haruhi SOS Dan Radio via Matthew’s Anime Blog, which I found via this Spanish Anime Blog (!?!).  Yeah, I didn’t know those existed either.  Now to find a Finnish anime blog…


A Shameless Cry for Attention August 23, 2006

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Alright, for those of you in the know, we are officially on for the 10pm (sorry, Fandango had the wrong time) Friday show of Fullmetal.  The theatre is somewhere in Morrisville (describing will take too long), so I suggest we travel as a pack in order to avoid such situations as are seen in all those “teens go to W. Virginia/Tenn. Mountains and never come back” movies, Morrisville is kinda like that.  So here’s what to do:


Greetings and Salutations July 26, 2006

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First post = mission statement, or have I just been in corporate America too long?

Here goes: to make anime more accessible to the layman or perhaps casual fan by 1.) helping to filter the wheat from the chaff, 2.) demystifying it, and 3.) having some humorous fun therefore keeping my readers entertained.  I, your humble guide and servant, will do so through the use of my wit and ability to watch an unhealthy amount of anime due to my long (though insignificant) association with the Western (i.e. American and European) entertainment industry and resulting disillusionment with it.

Aside from that, please note I will most likely not spellcheck after 1 or 2 am (kinda like Gremlins, and not feeding the cute fuzzies), and there will be posts after these hours until I find an alternative method to pay the bills.

Expect the real first post sometime tomorrow, until then, I need to play with the customization of this thing.