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Openning Day! October 5, 2006

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Just as I was getting depressed thinking of all the great (or at least extremely fun) anime that’s come and gone over the past few months (for instance, I’m just now getting around to the Bizarro-Nanashi releases of Eureka Seven), I was pleasantly surprised to see the Fall series starting up.  For awhile there I thought I was gonna have to pay attention to the MLB Playoffs, or maybe start eating paint.

My picks for this fall are:

For Action: Super Robot Wars OG

Having developed an unusual fondness for the game (I pre-ordered the sequel, I have near religious objections to pre-ordering) how can I stop myself?  Besides, this appears to be one of the only action/shonen titles in a fall of drama and apparent train-wrecks, so it’s kinda obligatory.  Aside from that, I simply like the idea that, as Gundam Seed Destiny proved, you don’t have to have things like “experienced” or even “sane” “writers” to churn out a giant robot anime, so really this is the genre of the proletariat!  Viva la robots!  Viva la collateral damage!

For Drama: Kanon (the 3rd2nd)

It’s Kyoto Animation.  After Haruhi I’m pretty sure I’d watch this if it was “Jackass: The Anime”, or perhaps “Jackass gets pre-empted by the MLB Playoffs: The Anime”.  That said, I still haven’t gotten through Air yet, but I fully intend to give this one the old college try.  Not really sure how “touching/emotional remake of h-game” is going to go over with my irreverent blogging style though, but stick it out, what’s the worst that can happen.

Answer: Sunrise presents “AFtM Blogs Touching Drama Series; Readers Throw Selves Off Bridges: The Anime”  Which would work if you get that sinister conspiracy angle like Lain or Paranoia Candidate.

For This Will Either Rock, or Suck, again: Negima!?

To be honest, I don’t think anyone has ever successfully animated a manga from Ken Akamatsu.  This is like saying “No one has ever cured cancer.” to some degree, as the man is a genius.  Sadly his incredible writing and plotting are typically overlooked due to our “Oh look at the underage fanservice!” thing here in the West, but I wantthis one to work.  Truthfully, I will give even odds that it’s a train-wreck, but as they’ve @$^&ed up every other attempt at his work by “Hey, let’s ignore the plot/focus on a character that everyone hates” or “$10 an episode!  Can’t we make them for like $2 in Korea?”, this whole “drop the original story, make up some bull$hit plot” angle is just crazy enough to work.  And besides, first rule of the road, everyone slows down to stare at a bad enough wreck.



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