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Updates Abound! October 4, 2006

Posted by animerambler in Announcements.

Trinity BloodAnouncements 

I: Apparently there will be a second season of Kiddy Grade, this from Aya Hirano on a Haruhi SOS Dan Radio via Matthew’s Anime Blog, which I found via this Spanish Anime Blog (!?!).  Yeah, I didn’t know those existed either.  Now to find a Finnish anime blog…

I remember Kiddy Grade largely due to:

(A) considering it passable sci-fi when I saw it years ago, and before finding Crest/Banner of the Stars or The Irresponsible Captain Tyler. 

(B) liking one of the English-language VAs.

(C) discovering Aya Hirano was in it while watching Haruhi’s run.

That said, I believe Aya has more important things to do (Season 2 of Haruhi, cough cough), but as it is a matter of faith for me (and Kyoto’s inability not to follow up on a successful franchise) that this willhappen in time.  I just have to put up with the hoaxes ’till then.


(Thought this might fit.)

 II: Anole‘s Higurashi figures do indeed appear to be these(courtesy of HLJ), and at $7 they’re probably not making much off them, so help ’em out.  As of 8/4/06 they were down to their last box I believe.

III: Consensus seems to be that everyone (90% of ANN voters) hate all the current unpackaged media proposals, see poll(poll’s are always right, seriously, there are polls proving that!).  For my money, I have no idea why anyone would pay as much for a downloadable, DRM-laden version of an episode as it would cost on a DVD.  But c’est la vie, I plan to snuggle up with BitTornado and my DSL modem extra tight tonight.  For more info, Jason’s ‘Destined for Failure’ poston Anime on my mind is a pretty good start.

 Alright, night all!



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