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The Irresponsible Blogger LR October 4, 2006

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Hey again all, as for the delay in updates, gomen nosai!  As for what was achieved in the interim, important announcements abound!  First, an idea of my own: we need more games based on anime, preferably games that don’t suck (looking at you Bandai), ideally based on series that don’t suck (looking at you Sunr… nevermind).  Let it never be said that I only gripe and allow others to solve such problems, my suggestion: Capsule Hinamizawa!  Granted, perhaps I’ve just spent too much time with the Lego Starwars series of late, or think it’d be awesome to mix Higurashi with GTA-esque elements (like Killer Lolis, free-roaming game play, and being killed in a free roaming game by Killer Lolis), but hear me out .


In 1983 Japan, we set our scene in a small town, run for ages by the three most powerful families who have maintained order and resisted even the Government with their brutal discipline and Machiavellian plots.


Into this setting are thrust four Lolis and one Loser (not pictured), as their relationships and sanity break down and they arm themselves with tasers, syringes, baseball bats, water guns, big f%^*ing hatchets, hand saws, pepper spray, fingernail-removing torture devices, some rope, a bunch of traps, whips, hammers, nails, and that pistol Mion might have had, who will survive?  In Capsule-Toy Hinamizawa you can take control of your favorite loli, or <cough cough> Keiichi, and join in the battle royale. 



Will you take out your enemies from afar?


Keep your ‘Friendship’ Gauge filled or your former allies may come after you!

Let your ‘Sanity’ Gauge drop, and you’ll be convinced that Oyashiro’s curse is nothing more than the blood-sucking alien leeches, or even read ‘Battlefield Earth’


Rika surveys Hinamizawa before finally eliminating her rivals at the end of a scenario.

All images stolen from some Japanese site/guy.

Well, what do you think?  I mean honestly, recreating the greatest (and worst) scenes from the anime with capsule toys, brilliant!  And so long as it’s just a bunch of plastic toys decapitating/skewering/bludgeoning/zapping/hanging/torturing/impaling/stabbing each other, no problems with the censors or ESRB, right?

Oh well.  Worth a shot, next up: Lego Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, in which if you don’t keep the omnipotent Haruhi (as simulated by the computer) the game crashes, and maybe reformats your hard drive for a fresh start.  Remember, it’s a feature not a bug.

Now for the important announcement: Anole Animeoff of Hillsborough Street, here in Raleigh, NC (my god, an anime blogger in the Southeast!) has just received in a number of Higurashi capsule figures very similar (don’t know if they’re the same) to those pictured above, at $7.00 a pop, won’t you (help me) give them a good home?

You know Shion would want that…





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