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Higurashi; Raw and Wrrrrigling! September 7, 2006

Posted by animerambler in Raw Interpretation, Series.

After twenty-some episodes the try-outs are over, spring training is done, all the lolis are in top form and Studio Deen is taking this next arc to the majors!  No more single-A minor-league crap with Keiichi wiping out Hinamizawa by releasing a natural gas pocket.  No more semi-pro series with Mion and Rena failing to take out wonderboy ’cause he has a bat.  This one isn’t even Triple-A Shion-getting-called-up-to-the-majors after trapping, killing or breaking virtually the entire cast and most of the village heads.  No, no, Rena’s in top form here, and she    could    go    all    the    WAY!

We start where we left off last ep, with Rena just having ducked into a phone booth corner to change into her alter ego Daitenzen Loli Machette, while tracking the whore (literally) who’s seeking to extort money from her father.


Is it just me, or does that second cap look like she means business?  In any case, next scene is school, also, doesn’t Mion look cuter when not in a underground cell wearing a nighty and pleading for her and her friends’ very lives while slowly loosing her sanity?  Hotter, no, but cuter, yes.


Anyway, they’re talking, maybe about why Keiichi sucks so very much, or if he’s reached Shinji Ikari levels yet (I’m giving him a stay of execution after witnessing his water-gun fighting and punishment game skills last episode, but I still think he’ll screw up when the real shit goes down).  Anyway, they get bored of this, naturally, and while Mion makes her escape by jumping out the window (must run in the family), Rena looks pensive, knowing she’s left to carry on the conversation alone.  Thankfully the scene ends.


Back home, it’s even worse, Rena runs into the purple-haired STD bag that her father seems so fond of.  They do that thing women do where they’re nice to each other superficially, but the atmosphere in the room approaches “war-crimes were committed here on the top of an ancient indian burial ground” level of intensity.  Guys just come out swinging like its a championship match in the Garden in these situations, so this was really disarming for me.  Rena then runs off to the abandoned junk-yard all of a sudden, prompting Rina (purple haired ho) to follow her.  Good move there, at least they gave Rina a name, and not just “Loli-cide Vic #1”.  Oh well.


More nice nice.  I can only imagine the dialogue, as I certainly can’t understand it, maybe:

Rina: Nice place you’ve got here.

Rena: Bitch, you die now!


Now allow me to make my tribute to the late, great Steve Irwin:

These lolis can be adorable, amazing creatures, but you have to know how to behave around them, mates.  You can see here, this one’s a little on-edge, and that’s to be expected, we’re in her territory now, but what you’ve really got to look out for is when they start making these fantastic emo facial distortions, yelling things like “Liar”, and watch out for that shakey-cam effect.  Cripes!  Well, you can see Rina really has this one riled up, so let’s just give it a little room and watch now.

Then, Rena goes all Battousai on us with this shot:


So at this point we know that Rina is probably about as dead as Apollo in Rocky IV, she just doesn’t know it yet, except…


Holy $hit!  Rina’s got some stuff, too, this could be a fight after all folks!  I’m thinking Rena looses the first bout (it’s only ep 2 of the arc) but does some training with the game club, minus Keiichi, and comes back for a stunning title win next ep, like Rocky I and II, you know the one’s before it was clear they should have stopped.  You have to give it to purple-hair though, no one’s really tried fighting back against the lolis, except Keiichi in ep 4, and Shion trouncing Rika more recently, you know given history like that, Rena could be in trouble here.


Rina leads with a vicious right hook, doing her best Wayne Brady impersonation, and Rena’s as stunned as I was when I heard Chapell had gone to Africa.  Then Rena goes down and we get the Batman montage:


       BAM!                   POW!

I was giddy, a full on fight in episode 2 or an arc, holy crud!  This isn’t what I wanted though, watching this just makes me think of when I had to watch the refs Seahawks beat my Panthers in the NFC championship, or the Patriots refs beat them in the Superbowl a few years back.  It’s painful, but at least it’s a lot shorter.


Everyone together: Does Rina have to choke a loli!?!

Seriously though, I should have known that Rina had lost it by this point.  I mean think about it: Hinamizawa fatalities include machetes, Satoshi’s bat, syringes, tasers, knives, well, you get the idea.  Not since Keiichi or expendable photo-journalist has anyone died by someone’s hands and those two f#&*-ups died by their own hands.


Continuing that trend, Rena grasps a piece of broken glass as she’s just about to give up the ghost.  After delivering a pretty superficial cut to Rina’s left abdomen, leading her to scream and flail around like a stuck pig, Rena then finds a more suitable tool for the last inning; a lead pipe.


Priceless facial expressions.  Rena’s got this Kool-Aid man “Oh yeahhh!” thing going, and Rina’s like, shit, shouldn’t have f^$*ed with the Hinamizawa Lolis.


Rena steps up to the plate and looks to foul off that first pitch deep.  The pitcher doesn’t learn though, brings the high heat again, and you can see in that final shot that she’s really stepping through her second swing, and…


she’s outta there!  Of course, being a thrifty gal, Rena makes sure not to let the left-overs go to waste, and promptly stores everything in the fridge after cleaning up.  I did kinda enjoy the irony/full-circle thing they’ve got going with Rena bludgeoning someone followed by the arm-on-the-ground shot from episode 4.  Someone superimpose a pinata on that thing!


Returning home, Rena finds her father being bullied by Rina’s pimp (that’s Satoko’s evil uncle, isn’t it!?), and immediatly goes into man-slayer mode again.


Luring him out to the abondoned junk yard on some pretext (“Look at me, I’ve got a flashlight!” or “I was thinking about a career in whorology.”, I don’t know), he’s too dumb to realize something’s up when the flashlight goes out.  In a split second she’s behind him, and…


I am Himura Rena, the pimp-slayer.  Yes, good people, in this age of the Hinamizawa’s Bakumatsu, one known as the ‘pimp-slayer’ wrecks a path of bloody vengence through the nights in order to bring about a new age of peace for troubled land.  With her hatchet style of Hiten Machette-surugi she is untouchable, but her soul is weighed down by the bloodshed, no doubt in years to come she will become a wanderer, swearing off killing, in an attempt to atone for her actions, but first she will meet her greatest nemesis in the Hinamiziawa Shinsengumi’s Kondo Oishi.

Continued in the next post…


1. tamartinez - June 28, 2008

The mention of the Kool-Aid man “Oh yeahhh!” thing going simply made my day again. I don’t even know if you post in your blog any more, but these reviews are simply epic.

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