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Higurashi 4Kids FanDub August 24, 2006

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Of all of the fears that anime fans have, the greatest, by far, is that 4Kids will one day license a series we love.  Let’s look at what might happen with Higurashi should that catastrophic event ever take place.

God-like props to miharaoujirou on YouTube.


OK, if you haven’t already, view this video now. Aside from the hilarious popsicle superimposed on machete, and other hidden items below, they actually seem to have a somewhat logical narrative going here.  It seems Casey (Keiichi) also wants a ‘popsicle’, which Rachel (Rena) got from the fiesta.  Extra points for the “woo!” as Casey wakes up btw.


Rachel’s friend (Mion) brings by some ‘Tacos’ which they then force feed Casey (who’s lactose intolerant, “No cheese!”) before he has some fun using his bat on the ‘pinata’ they have.


Which just proves a theory I had worked out a few weeks ago: Higurashi wouldn’t be nearly as edgy if only they would scream “Ariba!” and play festive Mexican music during each brutal loli murder.  I don’t even think the superimposed pinata is even necessary here, if I heard that sort of dialogue and music while watching Rika take cutlery to herself or Keiichi release enough poisonous gas to wipe out the entire village the logical disconnect between what I was seeing and hearing would probably just result in me spontaneously collapsing to the floor and giggling like a school girl, and when is that ever bad?



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