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A Shameless Cry for Attention August 23, 2006

Posted by animerambler in Announcements, Uncategorized.

Alright, for those of you in the know, we are officially on for the 10pm (sorry, Fandango had the wrong time) Friday show of Fullmetal.  The theatre is somewhere in Morrisville (describing will take too long), so I suggest we travel as a pack in order to avoid such situations as are seen in all those “teens go to W. Virginia/Tenn. Mountains and never come back” movies, Morrisville is kinda like that.  So here’s what to do:

We meet at the Borders off of Walnut St. and Buck Jones in Cary between 6:45 and 7:15, directions from Chatham County and Raleigh, respectively (click for non-eye strain size):


As you can tell, I like photoshop more than mapquest.  After the meet and perhaps rummaging of manga/history/whatever sections options include: dinner at food court @ Cary Towne Center (lots of options for lots of people), visit to Grand Asian Market (biggest Asian grocery in N.C., across the street from Borders, but closes @ 8), or some combination thereof.

Questions, comments, post or email!



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