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First Series Blog: Mai Otome July 27, 2006

Posted by animerambler in Mai Otome, Series.

Otome Leads

Alright, I fully expect to hear groans from you in the back who are not necessarily here for my version of Anime 101, but should rather be in a more advanced course/blog.  No fears, you will be entertained soon enough.  In any case, thunder resounds outside my window even as I post this, whether that is a good or bad omen will shortly be seen.

Mai Otomeis the sequel (in a different dimension/re-imagining of everything sort of way) to Mai Hime(known on this side of the Pacific as “My Hime” thus losing some of the horrible word-play Japanese anime is known for, but that’s another post).  Mai Hime was a respectable teen-ish school life series detailing the everyday goings on of your typical magical girls in high/middle school.  Collateral damage was high, and a few of the principle characters were crazy lesbians.  All in all, everything Sailor Moon always should have been but couldn’t ’cause it was still the nineties.  It was also produced by Sunrise, who apparently were so surprised they weren’t drawing giant space mecha did a very respectable job with the series.  Mai Otome looked to fix all of that.

The series is interesting, and I would even say important, in the near temporal frame, because, as Jason of AoMMhas described it as a highly-watchable train wreck of a series.  As such I believe it is representative of many of Sunrise’s recent series successes and failures, and while I would probably rather blog Gundam Seed or Destiny, I have neither complete series available to me, nor could reasonably expect my readers to follow along (Otome has not yet been licensed and is fairly recent, as such it should be available on numerous torrent sites) if they so desire.  In effect I’m analyzing a studio by a series.

 As such I intend to go episode by episode, with (hopefully) more pretty pictures to look at in order to offset my banal and humourless blocks of text, through the series.  While I will not intentionally recap the goings on, they are light enough generally that watching along should not be required.  That’s a win-win situation for you guys, no broadband connections or precious disc space being taken up, and should I fail to entertain, go on back to Law and Order re-runs or whatever it is TNT shows this time of year post NBA.

The lightning draws nearer, and so I must leave you all again, I’ll try to have the first episode up in the next 48 hours!



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